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Use Surge Pure on Your Next Project
Eliminates E-Pollution Increase Uptime Easy Implementation Eliminates Failures and Damages
Stops the high
voltage surges and transients on the incoming
power lines from contaminating building's distribution system. Traps
internal transients to keep your power system clean.
Uninterrupted data flow and communications combined with reduced equipment replacement and repairs typically
saves users equal to approximately 10%
of their annual
power bill.
Rugged NEMA 4 enclosures mount adjacent to your power panel on retro-fits and new installs. Built-in front panel "self test" diagnostics indicate operating status of individual power lines. Stops catastrophic failures of computers, controls, HVAC, office equipment and factory machinery. Prevents glitches and "data loss" on communications lines. Reduces long term degradation of systems.

When correct power (a clean sine wave) is supplied within design limits to an electrical device you can expect a long and productive life. "Correct Power" is not the Norm. If your power usage is 120 to 600 volts, it is not uncommon to incur up to 6000 volts in what is known as Spikes, Surges and Transients, or SST's. These anomalies are always above the design limits of electrical devices.

Mach 1 Series
Secondary level protection of sub-panels, isolated circuits and control panels. Up to 100 KW systems, Cat. B locations.

Mach 2 Series
Secondary level protection of distribution panels, sub-panels, lighting systems and HVAC systems. Up to 250KW systems, Cat. B locations.

Mach 3 Series
Standard TVSS features plus "Sine Tracking" high frequency filtering to provide ultra pure power for your most sensitive instrumentation, life support and automation equipment.


Business is a living thing, breathing entity. Every business has within a multitude of systems to make it run effectively to provide a product and profit. These systems include: parts, labour, tools, supply and demand. Cut out anyone of these systems and your product in not made and therefore your company loses. Still there is one more system in business, hardly seen, spoken about or contemplated... the electrical system. Every system today is dependant on un-interrupted electrical power... [ READ MORE ]


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